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LaJava a roasting house is a small batch specialty coffee roaster. We have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with only the highest quality Arabica coffee beans from select regions throughout the world.

At LaJava, we offer organic coffees, Fair Trade coffees, shade-grown coffees, and single estate coffees, our unique blends plus a large selection of flavored coffees. We buy and offer these high quality coffees for our loyal customers while being able to help provide social and economic support to the farmers and their communities. By supporting fair trade coffees the farmers are paid additional premiums for their crops, which provide them incentives to improve the quality of their coffee plus income to support their families.

LaJava is not just gourmet coffee; we also offer over 70 bulk teas. At LaJava our tea mission is to bring you the highest quality and freshest teas from around the world.

At the LaJava a roasting house store customers stop weekly for espresso, fresh roasted gourmet coffees, fresh roasted peanuts, bulk teas, gift baskets, coffee and tea accessories they can sample our brew of the day and take in the great coffee aroma while making their selections. From our web site you can now enjoy the same experience of shopping (minus the sample and aroma) for our freshly roasted Arabica coffees, bulk teas, accessories and gifts from your home. We roast only to order and then package and ship the coffee the same day. Our goal is to ensure that you receive only the freshest possible coffee.

LaJava offers our coffee and tea clubs to our web customers also. Our coffee club rewards you with a free pound of coffee after purchasing 10 pounds (up to $11.95 value).

Corporate Gifts

LaJava can offer to make for you a unique very special coffee or gourmet gift just the way you want it. You can choose any of our coffee, tea or other items to be included just let us know what value you are interested in and we can provide you several options to choose.

Wholesale Coffee

If you are currently in business or just thinking about opening a store, café, or restaurant from a small country cafe to fancy dining LaJava can be your source for the cup that will set you apart from your competitors. LaJava offers coffee roasted to order, organic and fair trade coffees and teas that are shipped within 24 hours after roasting.
Store Hours:
Mon-Friday 6:30am - 6:00pm
Sat-Sun 7:00am -2:00pm
Visit Both our locations:
2300 Lineville Road, Suamico 920-544-8230
430 Cardinal Lane, Howard 920-662-0500